With this simple trick you can open!

Imagine an apocalyptic scenario: if your house is full of canned food, you are well prepared for disaster – but your can opener doesn’t work! What would you do? Fortunately, we know that it is a very unlikely situation. But let’s look at this trick – it’s so convenient that even Bear Grylls uses it!

Become Resourceful
Everyone knows the trick to take off a beer cap without a bottle opener, right? How about opening a wine bottle with a key instead of a bottle opener? This is not only convenient, but you also look cool while you do it. This could be your next trick at a party – or it can even save you from hunger, who knows? There’s nothing to lose when learning from it, so let’s get on with the explanation.
Maximum Efficiency
Youtube, the crucible of useful hacks and DIY manuals, has the answer to this question. The channel ‘The Crazy Russian Hacker’ presents an ingenious, practical way to open your can. And we mean that literally! Why, might you wonder? You don’t have to learn karate, you just have to rub the top of the can over a rough but horizontal surface. Then turn it around and press the sides – the lid should open. If it doesn’t work the first time, try rubbing it again!


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