With this device you always have fresh espresso on the go


Do you also hate the fact that you often have to deal with dirty coffee along the way? Or that you have to spend a god’s power at the Kiosk or the gas station. A really good and fresh espresso is what it’s all about in this life. Thanks to a small and handy device, you never have to live without it. Thank us later.
Fresh espresso for the go
This ingenious piece of technology has different names. But whether you want to call it a minipresso, a nanopresso or simply a portable coffee maker, they all do the same job. Give you a good day. This (often) black tube initially is a bit like a standard thermos bottle, but it works a little differently.

Personal mini coffee maker
The ground coffee goes in a bowl, although most also work with a cup, and in the water tank you obviously do water. Hot water, that’s all right. You’ll take this on the way. When you feel like a fresh cup of pleur, turn off the included cup of the device and the work begins. Using a pump on the side of the bottle, you build up pressure, pushing the water past the coffee.
The black gold so in your bag
The pressure can reach 8 bar in the coffee maker, enough for a fine espresso. If you keep pumping long enough, the black gold will automatically end up in the cup via the opening at the bottom. Voila, in this manual way you can enjoy a really fresh espresso every time. Then you don’t need anything for the rest of the day, do you? You’ll find him here.


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