Trend: the ultra-long flight

If you used to have to switch very often for a flight from New Zealand to the United States, nowadays there are more and more ultra-long flights where you fly to another without stops from one place in the world.

Ultra-long flight: time savings
According to Lonely Planet, New Zealand is very excited to bring america’s east coast closer in a way that you can just stay put. For travellers, it is becoming increasingly attractive to make such an ultra-long flight. For example, air New Zealand has been flying directly between Auckland and Chicago since November 2019. Direct flights between the two cities last about 15 to 16 hours, which is at least 4 hours compared to the stopover flights. Are you from New Zealand and chicago isn’t your final destination? Then you can continue to neighboring cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. To match nice accommodations in New York: in the middle of Times Square, you’ll find the Hotel Riu Plaza New York Times Square. With an average of 8.6 you’re definitely right here.

Why are ultra-long flights a trend?
First of all, because travellers increasingly want to fly without a switch. In addition, lower fuel prices and new airliners such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A350 are reasons that airlines can increasingly take longer flights between 13,000 and more than 14,500 kilometres without a stopover.
Fly even longer
The fact that the flights are getting longer and longer and you can fly around the world in such an ultra-long direct flight proves the Australian airline Qantas. Recently, a test flight came from New York airport at Sydney Airport after a flight of 19 hours and 16 minutes. The 40 passengers and 10 crew members on board the plane were tested to see how their sleep patterns were and what methods helped get through the 15-hour jet lag. With the results, Qantas will further refine the supply of long-haul flights. As it stands, you can board a direct flight between New York and Sydney from 2022.

What are you doing on board?
But how do you spend that long, long flight time a little cozy? Well, of course you can run a movie marathon or start the book you’ve wanted to read for so long, or maybe write. And of course you can also spend your time sleeping. Air New Zealand’s aircraft on that route have the new Economy SkyCouch in which you can lie around. And read tips here to find the best seat for your ultra-long flight.

The top 10 ultra-long flights
According to OAG, a flight information portal, this is the top 10 with the longest flights in the world in kilometers. 10. Emirates. From Dubai to Los Angeles is 13,396 kilometers. Can you recover right away at Hotel Lost Angeles Airport Marriott. 9. Etihad Airways. From Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles is 13,478 kilometers. 8. Delta Air Lines. From Atlanta to Johannesburg is 13,573 kilometers. 7. United Airlines/Singapore Airlines. From San Francisco to Singapore is 13,575 kilometers. In Hotel Handlery Union Square in San Francisco, you can prepare yourself for the long journey. 6. Qantas. From Dallas to Sydney is 13,802 kilometers. 5. United Airlines. From Houston to Sydney is 13,829 kilometers. 4. United Airlines. From Los Angeles to Singapore is 14,096 kilometers. 3. Emirates. From Auckland to Dubai is 14,194 kilometers. 2. Qantas. From Perth to London is 14,499 kilometres. 1. The longest flight in kilometers: Qatar Airways. From Auckland to Doha is 14,526 kilometers.


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