This way you make your own wiper Liquid

Windshield wiper Liquid is an important part of your car. After all, you clean your front and back ward strain so you can look around the traffic. Sometimes it happens, however, that your wiper fluid is suddenly up. In emergencies, you can then refill the reservoir with tap water, although this is not recommended because in this way the wiper system of your car can be damaged by lime deposits. Windscreen wiper fluid from the store is often expensive and also often contains harmful substances such as methanol. Fortunately, you can also make your own wiper fluid!
You only need two ingredients: distilled water and glass cleaner. Pour 4 litres of distilled water into a clean bucket or container and add 250 ml glass cleaner. Then mix well and try your homemade wiper liquid with a wipe on a corner of your car window. Ideally, the liquid cleans the pane without leaving many foaming or stripes behind.
If you are satisfied with the result, you can pour the liquid into the wiper liquid reservoir from your car. Have fun with your clean windows and with saving money!

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