This is why your plants keep dying

Not everyone has green fingers. We even dare to go so far as to have more people without it than with. How else could a garden centre continue to exist? If every plant lived, you would never get there again. Still, it’s a bit of a shame when one plant after another dies in your house. So we turned up the internet in an attempt to save plant lives, because anyone can grow green fingers.
Actually, this is one of the hardest points, because it can go wrong on two sides. Of course you should not forget to water a plant, but too much is also disastrous. Often your green friends do not die because of too little water, but an abundance. The solution? Leave the plant in the plastic, so the roots get enough oxygen and excess water can drain away. Put another pot around it, so you can easily see if a plant gets too much water.

Okay, we did say you should leave a plant in the plastic jar, but not too long. It’s a big job, so do all the plants at once and you’ll be off it in no time. With any luck, all your green friends have different sizes and you can just push them forward. Just like you always got the clothes from your big brother or vice versa.
You go to the garden centre, buy a plant and put it in the house. That stupid card you take out her and you’re going to tip you right in the trash. No. Stop. Don’t do it. It is essential that you have knowledge about a plant. How else do you know how much sunlight it needs, water or extra power? If you threw away the ticket a long time ago, there are plenty of places you can look it at and apps that tell you using a photo. Knowledge is power people, never forget that.



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