This hit by Miss Montreal is the most twisted Christmas song

Being Alone At Christmas by Miss Montreal is on his way to becoming a Dutch Christmas classic. For the third year in a row, the song is the most twisted Christmas song of home soil on the radio. Buma’s research shows that.holland

Youp van ‘t Heks Flappie and Christmas Was a Friend of Mine by Fay Lovksy complete the top three of this year. The list also includes André Hazes, The Common Linnets and Sieneke. Nick and Simon have made no less than two of the ten most twisted Dutch Christmas songs. Santa’s Party and Merry Christmas are ranked four and seven respectively.

Frank Helmink, Managing Director Buma Culture: ,,At Christmas songs you automatically think of Mariah Carey and Chris Rea. But in the meantime, there are quite a number of Dutch composers who have a Christmas classic to their name. So I like that.”

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