The cruise ship with roller coaster is coming

Cruise company Carnival is sending four new cruise ships to sea this year

One of them, the Mardi Gras, will be particularly able to delight amusement park lovers: there will be a real roller coaster on the upper deck.

With sixty-four kilometers per hour you can soon stay over the upper deck and that with 360 degrees view of the sea.
The new and largest cruise ship of the American Carnival will have an electrically powered roller coaster where you can set the speed yourself. Sound effects make the experience even more exciting – if it’s not already at almost 60 meters above the sea.

6630 people on board
The 344-metre ship on which the roller coaster comes weighs 180,000 tons. There is room for 6,630 people, including 1,700 crew members. On the 20 decks, in addition to the roller coaster, there is also a basketball court, karting track, waterfalls, skydive, swimming pools, theatre and many restaurants.
According to Cruisemapper, the total construction price of the ship is 700 million euros. The whole danger sails as one of america’s first cruise ships entirely on liquid gas.

Up to 150 kilos
The roller coaster costs $8 million. There is a restriction on the roller coaster on the ship: the passenger is not allowed to weigh more than 150 kilos.
The ship is built by Meyer Turku in Finland. The first boat will take place this autumn, from Copenhagen to Southampton. The ship is therefore in Rotterdam. After that, the ship sails through the United States to the fixed cruise destination: the Caribbean sea.
A floating Florence
Among the other new Carnival ships to be sailed this year is also the Costa Firenze. That ship was built in Italy and specially designed to receive Chinese tourists in an Italian environment.
There are typical Tuscan cypresses on the deck, as are michelangelo’s David statue. The ship should radiate the atmosphere of the city of Florence altogether.

A tour of the Mardi Gras


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