The ancient Egyptians were the first people to write “Knitted Stories”

A recent Egyptian study said that popular literature of ancient Egyptians contains a wealth of stories that have been passed from generation to generation orally, and that the ancient Egyptians were a people fond of verbal eloquence.
According to the study issued by the Heritage Center of the Egyptian Public Library in Luxor on the occasion of the International Day of The Story, which falls on February 14 each year, the ancient Egyptians used the technique of narration in writing stories, and then developed that technique and the writer is developing an introductory introduction with the aim of finding a link between several stories such as the stories of Roll night and night.
The study says that “the stories we received from ancient Egypt, which were carved by manuscripts, papyrus leaves, and austrachea pieces, did not include any scenes of the embryos.”
According to the study, many of the details of the stories were derived from people’s daily lives, and in many texts the story was based on “psychology, customs and memories of legends”, and included details of historical events.
The study, prepared by the Director General of luxor and Upper Egypt Antiquities Region, Dr. Mohamed Yahya Aweida, stressed that the ancient Egyptians were the first to write popular stories that had no purpose but to entertain readers.
Egypt was the first country where the short story had emerged, which had been written or had been told by its listeners to enjoy it.

It is engraved on a papyrus dating back to 1800 B.C., a collection of high seas adventure stories, including the story of the Lost Navigator.
One of the most famous stories in ancient Egypt is the “Adventures of Snohey”, which took place during the reign of King Amenemat I, in the era of the Twelfth Dynasty, and summarizes the old Egyptian’s fears of death in strange lands.



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