Special on foam milk the same as regular milk. Only almost twice as expensive

Italians know that you don’t need special milk for good cappuccino. In the Netherlands, however, it is possible to sell the unwitting coffee fanatic ‘foam milk’. The Inspectorate of Value discovered that there is no difference on a little sugar after any difference. Except for the price.
It is not limited to one type of foam milk in the supermarket. There is a full and creamy variant for latte and cappuccino and a version for baristas. The NPO program looked for the differences with a liter suit of ordinary whole milk, but did not find them.
Foam milk contains nearly 4 percent fat and more than 3.5 percent protein. In plain whole milk, those percentages are about the same. Both products contain almost the same ingredients. According to food technologist Jappie de Jong, whole milk naturally contains the right composition to beat thick foam.
The only difference is that sugar has been added to foam milk, but of course you might as well grab the sugar pot yourself. Then you can just decide for yourself how sweet you make the coffee. Another important difference is the price tag: whole milk costs 0.95 euros, foam milk on average 1.75 euros. You pay for an illusion. And for the sugar.


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