Places of attraction in Dammam


Places of tourist in Dammam for families

Tourist places in Dammam for young people

Places of tourist in Dammam for children

Tourist attractions in Dammam offer a lot of recreational activities for recreation especially for children and young people, and many tourists visit tourist places in Dammam thanks to its mild climate and proximity to the Arabian Gulf. In this article, we will learn about the best tourist destinations in Dammam for children and families.

Tourist places in Dammam for families:
Waterfront in Dammam:

The waterfront is one of the best tourist destinations in Dammam for families located in the southern part of the West Beach district overlooking the Dammam Corniche. There are vast greenery, restaurants and cafés, and there are many fun leisure activities for adults and children.
Coral Island:

Coral Island is a 7,000-square-metre natural island connected to the Dammam Corniche by a 1,400-metre bridge, with plenty of green spaces and recreational venues such as sports fields, 5,500-metre walking, jogging and cycling trails.
Dammam Corniche:
You can’t visit a tourist in Dammam without a great beach stroll on dammam corniche, enjoying its cool breezes and watching seagulls immerse in the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf. Dammam Corniche is full of fun theme parks such as Fun Time Park, closed cabins for families and couples, as well as a unique amusement park for children.
Prince Abdul Mohsen Bin Jlawi Park:
Prince Abdul Mohsen Bin Jlawi Park is located in the centre of Dammam, where there are plenty of special sessions and children’s games as well as shops and cafés serving various types of food and beverages.
Dammam Regional Museum:

The Dammam Regional Museum has 6 heritage and natural halls as well as the Prince’s Oriental Hall.
Abu Redha Museum:
Located in al-Khalidiya neighborhood of Dammam on King Faisal Street, the Abu Ridha Museum showcases a number of archaeological and heritage collections such as men’s and women’s traditional clothing, as well as traditional cooking utensils, food and drink, and a collection of war tools and weapons of rifles, swords, daggers and spears.
Wholesale market in Dammam:

Dammam Wholesale Market has a large number of retail stores at low prices affordable.

Tourist places in Dammam for young people:
The popular village of Dammam:
The popular village is a tourist place in Dammam for young people reflecting the traditional face of the kingdom throughout the ages, and there are many recreational and cultural activities such as living bedouin life, hunting falcons, camel riding and horse riding, and getting to know the wedding ceremony in the area as the village offers many parties and folklore evenings.
Lake Cities in Dammam:
Young people can visit the kingdom’s largest industrial lake with vast green spaces, more than 760 palm trees, walking trails of more than 4 km, and a number of activities such as hiking, cycling and bird watching.
Half moon beach:
Half Moon Beach is one of Dammam’s most prominent tourist attractions for young people and is one of the longest beaches in the Gulf region with a length of 700 km. The beach offers a variety of leisure events, most notably sand skiing in Sand sands in 4×4 as well as fun water games such as fishing.
Dana Bay Beach:
Dana Bay Beach has magical landscapes thanks to the dense golden sand and clear blue waters.
Fun Time Park:
Located within a large castle-like building near Dammam Corniche, FunTime Park features a restaurant, a pizzeria, a café and distinctive sea-open sessions.
Snow World:
Located in The Cobra Theme Park in King Khalid Park, Snow World offers special clothes suitable for the atmosphere so that the visitor can ski.
King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture:
Located on the Dammam Plateau, the place where the kingdom’s first oil spring exploded, the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture reviews the geological nature of the region.
Dammam Museum of Antiquities and Ethnography:
The Dammam Museum of Antiquities and Ethnography is useful for identifying Paleolithic tools, traditional costumes, Bedouin crafts, silver jewelry as well as Islamic artifacts.
Tourist attractions in Dammam for children:
Dolphin Village Dammam:

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