New form of Northern Lights discovered in Finland

If you want to see a completely new variant of the Northern Lights, you can enjoy it in Finland. Researchers and amateur photographers have discovered a dune-like form of the phenomenon. The pattern is very similar to the dunes we know from the beach.

New variant of the Northern Lights discovered
According to the University of Helsinki, this form has so far been completely unknown. The ‘dunes’ have also been discovered at an altitude of 80 to 120 kilometres in the so-called ignorosphere, as researchers sometimes call it, an environment of which few observations are. The new findings came to light when interested parties began asking questions to the researchers about the physics behind the lights. They sent in pictures showing the dune shape. The Northern Lights occur when electrically charged particles of the solar wind hit the upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere. In particular, they generate oxygen and nitrogen molecules to glow

Spotting Northern Lights
Most Northern Lights tourists in Finland take their chances at one of the lakes, as you can see (and photograph) the reflection of the light there. Because it is so sparsely populated here – there are more reindeer than humans in Finland – this is also a good hotspot. Another recommendation is the village of Luosto, known for the large number of Aurora Borealis sightings but also without the natural wonder being worth it. With a holiday to Finland you also want to see the dancing Northern Lights. The fairytale spectacle that turns the sky green, white and sometimes even pink. But what is the best time and place to do this?

Where and when do you have the best chance to see the Northern Lights?
The best time to spot the Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland is from mid-August to mid-April. Book a holiday to this beautiful country in winter, then it is dark early and with as little light as possible you see the magical spectacle best. Find a place where it is dark and pick a day when it is not cloudy, otherwise the light is not (good) to see. There are even special apps that track for you whether it’s going to be a good “Northern Lights spot night” or not.

Join us on a Northern Lights excursion
The Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights, is a breathtaking natural phenomenon that you must have ever seen in your life. You have the best chance of spotting the Northern Lights in a place that is as little illuminated as possible. On a Northern Lights excursion, you’ll leave the inhabited world and join a guide in search of this beautiful natural wonder.
In Lapland, several excursions are offered in search of the Northern Lights. You never have a guarantee to see the fairytale spectacle, of course, but a whole experience is such an excursion in itself. Think of a safari trip with a span of huskies or a pack of reindeer for your sleigh. Or a snowmobile safari where you control the scooter yourself through the white snow. With a steaming cup of coffee by the campfire, you’ll listen to stories about the land and the Northern Lights, until you can hopefully see it yourself.

Overnight in Finland
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