Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7 On Tuesday

On Tuesday, Microsoft will stop software support for Windows 7. Users of the old operating system are advised to upgrade.

Windows 7 will not get any major updates with new features, but on January 14, Microsoft will cease all support. There will be no updates from then on to resolve security issues, for example.
In other words, if a major vulnerability is discovered by a researcher or after a hack, Microsoft will no longer close this hole in Windows 7. As a result, computers with the software will eventually become more susceptible to cyber attacks.
Although Microsoft drops support for Windows 7, computers with the operating system will continue to work. You are free to continue using the old software at your own risk. If you want to be protected from such possible problems in the future, you have to make the switch to Windows 10.
Companies a little longer
At least that applies to the average Windows 7 user. Large companies, governments and other agencies can stretch support for a fee until January 2023. Such a deal costs $50 per supported computer in the first year, after which prices double twice in the following two years.


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