Microsoft launches new update in “Tims” app

Microsoft has announced major updates to the Times video call app, with new features to be made available to users this month.
This will include automatic offline transmission, the ability to withdraw attachments from Outlook, a new approval center, and more.

Automatic transmission without the need for a connection:
This means that it is now the opportunity to automatically send offline, as this feature determines when Tims messages are sent or edited when the user is offline, and these messages are automatically sent as soon as the device returns to the Internet.
New Approval Center:
Using Tims’ Approvals service makes it easy to simplify approval requests and processes with your team colleagues and partners, as the infused app now has a place to find out which approval requests you’ve received and sent.
Add a shared calendar to the Tims app channel:
The app offers you a new option to create a calendar and share it with members of a particular channel, as the app can automatically add a new publication to the channel’s activity feed when a meeting is created in a channel.
Move attachments from Outlook easily:
Now it’s so simple, all you have to do is pull attachments from Outlook and pass them to the Timms app.
Rest rooms:
Microsoft has launched breakout rooms to facilitate group discussions, making it easier for managers to divide teams into small groups to perform certain tasks, or to quickly finish projects.
It is important to know that this feature makes it easier for teachers to divide their classes into small groups in order to discuss some of the important things and discussions.
Tims integration with Google Workspace offers the application “Tims” new facilities on scheduling app meetings and trying to join them directly through the user’s Google calendar, using a new addition, as it has become easy to make video calls and put ideas with the digital blackboard as well as stay in constant contact with the school and workplace depending on the direction of the user and the motivation to use.


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