In pictures. Snow covers St. Catherine’s(Egypt)

South Sinai

In the early hours of Friday morning, The City of St. Catherine in South Sinai saw heavy snowfall, coinciding with a sharp drop in temperatures.

Khalid Salameh, the city’s vice president, said snow covered the Area of Deir St. Catherine, the main street leading to it, as well as the city’s mountains.

The vice president added that the snow decorated the city and made it a piece of Europe, expecting a revival in the city’s tourism movement, which attracts at this time of year lovers of snow watching, stressing that large numbers of tourists flocked to St. Catherine during the past period, expecting snow fall.

The vice president also stressed that a state of emergency has been declared in all sectors of the city, coordinating with the tourism police to secure tourist delegations and taking all measures to preserve their lives.

He noted that all flood, lakes and dams, which had been built as part of the project to protect the city from flood hazards, had been cleared to store water after the snow melted.

St. Catherine has been experiencing cold weather for days, and is the only city in the republic to record temperatures below zero.


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