Immunity to Corona persists for years

Immunity to the Coronavirus lasts at least a year and probably even years. In fact, the defense against the disease is getting stronger, especially after vaccination. That is the encouraging outcome of two new studies.

In both studies, research was done among people who were exposed to the Coronavirus last year and the first group to have had a vaccine. Cells that preserve a memory of the virus remain in the bone marrow and can produce antibodies when needed, both teams of scientists found.

The key is the so-called memory B cells that are created in response to an infection with SARS-CoV-2. They are so powerful that they even stop variants of the virus. Rockefeller University in New York, which did one of the studies, saw a powerful response from the body to the disease. Strongest in people who were sick at first and then received a vaccination.

The reaction to vaccination alone is slightly less strong, but also good for at least a year of protection and probably more. It may be that over time, a repeat injection is needed to maintain immunity, researchers at Washington University in St. Louis, also in the US, saw.

These scientists also saw an increase in the number of B cells in the bone marrow. This means that over time the body no longer has acute protection against Corona, but can produce enough antibodies against the disease if necessary.


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