Healthy eating and losing weight in 10 steps!

Healthy eating and losing weight sounds to many people as an almost impossible task. Because where to start? There are opinions everywhere, and most contradict each other. Moreover, many dietary programs seem to expect you to turn your entire life around to eat healthier. And how the hell are you supposed to remember all these different rules all day long?
As a result of this chaos, many people dare not start the task at all. Sin, because healthier food brings so many benefits! We therefore give a clear list of concrete steps in today’s blog that you can take to eat healthier. That way you know exactly what you can start!

Healthy eating and losing weight
Don’t you just want to eat better, also like to make some extra pounds? Then we have good news for you: healthy eating and losing weight often go hand in hand. After all, when you get the right nutrients out of less food, you will quickly lose weight! Also, many unhealthy substances make sure you store more fat.
You also prevent that effect by eating better. The advantage of the list below is that you will already see an effect if you carry out a few points. Therefore, don’t try to do it all perfectly! Start with one or two points and hold on until they become a habit. Then just go ahead with the next advice. This way, your diet almost improves without you knowing.
1. Drink more water
Drinking water is perhaps the easiest way to improve your health. It is very important for your whole body that you stay hydrated. Your cells and organs function a lot better if they get enough moisture. Moreover, you will soon be tired, cranky and less concentrated if you drink too little.
And better yet: water also helps you to lose weight. When you drink enough, you’ll feel like you’ve eaten enough faster. You’ll eat fewer calories in the end. Therefore, try to get one and a half to two litres of water every day. Fruit juices and soft drinks don’t count: just water, coffee and tea really work moisturizing!
2. Drink less alcohol
This is an unpopular advice for many people. And yes, we understand that you appreciate your beer at dinner, or that load of spirits when going out. If you really want to get healthier, decreasing or even stopping drinking is inevitable! Alcohol is simply incredibly bad for your body. In addition, it makes you arrive faster.
In the short term, that’s because your body temporarily stops the digesting of nutrients while digesting that alcohol. In the long term, it provides higher cortisol levels, which, for example, leads to more belly fat. In short, do you want to eat healthier and lose weight? Then that ‘cosy’ drink is not recommended.

3. Do not eat ready-to-eat
If you’re in a hurry, such a ready-made meal from the supermarket is tempting. However, it is not a good idea to do so too often. Ready-made meals contain plenty of salt, sugars, unhealthy fats and unnecessary preservatives. They’ll eventually hurt your body more than good, in short. This even applies to many meal salads, for example, the dressings are horribly unhealthy.
Did you know that many ready-made meals contain much more calories than you think? So you’re going to get there at lightning speed. All in all, a fast homemade plate of pasta is often still healthier than a meal you get from the supermarket.
4. Eat less sugar
Sugar is almost everywhere, nowadays. In some products, such as sweetness, you expect that of course. However, it also comes back in ready-made meals, sauces, soups, canned vegetables and bread. Very annoying, because sugar is pretty unhealthy! For example, it causes huge peaks and valleys in your blood sugar.
Moreover, they are ’empty’ calories: calories that do not supply healthy or useful substances. That means they don’t fill and you’ll keep eating a lot of it soon. A recipe to arrive, in other words. Try to avoid sugar as much as possible by cooking a lot yourself. And always read the labels carefully if you get something out of the supermarket!
5. Eat a lot of fiber
Fibers are insanely healthy. For example, they keep your intestines in good condition. And that’s important, because only healthy intestines can absorb nutrients really efficiently from your food. Moreover, they also help you to lose weight. Fibers make you feel filled quickly and for a long time after a meal, so you eat less.
Unfortunately, very few people come to the recommended 30 to 40 grams of fiber per day. For the sake of the fibres, always choose whole wheat and ‘dark’ products. A lot of vegetables, fruits and legumes; they are all full of fiber. Products like flaxseed can also give you an extra fiber boost.

6. Eat fruit and vegetables
Fibers are not the only reason to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Vegetable diet is also extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition, fruit and vegetables often contain phytonutrients. These are nutrients that even the smallest quantities can already have a huge impact on your health.
And, fine for those who want to lose weight: fruit and vegetables are relatively high-calorie, while they do fill well. Ideal, in other words. The well-known advice of two ounces of vegetables and two pieces of fruit is a start, but more is always better! So try to process fruit or vegetables in every meal. A quantity of about 400 grams per day is recommended by many scientists.
7. Eat more protein
Protein sits to start naturally extremely healthy for athletes. The reason for this is that proteins form the building blocks of your muscles. So if you don’t eat enough of it, you can train what you want, but you won’t gain much power. In addition, however, proteins are also ideal for losing weight.
They give you a full feeling and cost relatively many calories to digest. Moreover, it is good for your metabolism if your muscle growth is stimulated. More muscle tissue means that you also burn more calories all day at rest. This makes it easier to create a calorie shortage.
8. Avoid bad fats
Not all fats are bad, that is gradually known to most people. However, that does not mean that chips and mountains of fries are suddenly healthy products. There are different types of fats, and they are not all equally beneficial. The species you should avoid above all are trans fats: half hardened vegetable fats.
They are in many factory foods, such as margarine, puff pastry and all kinds of pastries. These kinds of fats are fun for heart and blood vessels. Moreover, like all fats, they contain a lot of calories. In healthy fats, this is justified because you really have something to do with it; trans fats are especially common.
9. Snack healthy
If you want to eat healthy, that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t snack anymore. It does mean that those chocolate cookies are not such a good idea at about four o’clock. Also bag chips, cup-a-soup and other similar products are not a wise choice. Instead, you can use snacks to support your healthy diet.
For example, choose a handful of nuts, full of healthy fats. Or go for raw food, homemade muesli bars or very pure chocolate. By snacking well, you avoid huge bingeeating when you get hungry. That makes healthy eating and losing weight a lot easier!
10. Use the 80-20 line
Isn’t that a little stuffy from the above list? Don’t worry: this really doesn’t mean you can never eat a nice croissant or a hand of chips again. What’s at stake is that you stay busy most of the time.
This is summed up in the 80-20 rule: eat 80% of the time healthy, the rest of 20% doesn’t matter much. So don’t make yourself too difficult either! You don’t have to suck like a plug right away if you’ve been unhealthy. Just pick up the healthy food right away, it’ll be fine!


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