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Michael Jackson - Dangerous (1991)

Dangerous is the eighth studio album by American singer Michael Jackson. It was released by Epic Records on November 26, 1991. Jackson, Bill Bottrell, Teddy Riley, and Bruce Swedien co-produced the album. Dangerous was Jackson's first album since Forever, Michael (1975) not produced by longtime collaborator Quincy Jones. The album incorporates R&B, pop and a new genre in vogue at the time, new jack swing; it also incorporates elements of industrial, funk, hip hop, gospel, and rock. Riley, credited as the creator of new jack swing, partook in the album to introduce Jackson to a younger urban audience. Jackson wrote or co-wrote 12 of the album's 14 songs, discoursing topics like racism, poverty, romance, self-improvement, and the welfare of children and the world.

The first single of Dangerous "Black or White" was transnationally broadcast with an eleven-minute video on November 14, 1991, and was watched in 27 countries reportedly by a record 500 million viewers. After the first week of its release, Dangerous debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and stayed atop for four weeks. The album also dominated worldwide charts, debuting at No. 1 in the United Kingdom, while also reaching the top of the charts in eight other countries. Nine singles premiered between November 1991 and December 1993, including two exclusively released outside the US. The album produced four singles that reached top ten of the Billboard Hot 100: "Remember the Time", "In the Closet", "Will You Be There" and the number-one single "Black or White". Dangerous was the best-selling album worldwide of 1992.

The Dangerous World Tour was a success, grossing $136 million (equivalent to $249 million in 2019) and drawing nearly 4 million people in 69 concerts together.  All profits from the tour were donated to various charities including Jackson's own Heal the World Foundation. The October 1, 1992 concert in Bucharest, Romania was filmed for broadcast on HBO on October 10, 1992. Jackson sold the film rights for the concert for $21 million, then the highest amount for a concert performer to appear on television

Dangerous is one of the best-selling albums of all time having sold 32 million copies worldwide and is certified 8x Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). It received four Grammy Award nominations and won Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical. For having the best-selling album worldwide of 1992, Jackson was awarded the first and only Billboard No. 1 World Album. Dangerous has been praised by critics and publications as one the greatest albums of all time.

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Michael Jackson - Dangerous (1991)