Foodies beware! These local specialties in Malta want to taste

On a sun holiday to Malta? Good idea! Besides enjoying the fine climate and the beautiful coast, a holiday in Malta is of course not complete without good food and drinks. Curious what delicacies the Maltese cuisine has on the menu? You should taste these local specialties in Malta.

Fish in a small port in Malta

Rabbit stew
Don’t miss out on your culinary exploration in Malta is the national dish: rabbit. Fenek on his Maltese. This delicacy has been eaten for centuries on the Maltese islands. The traditional rabbit stew Stuffat Tal-Fenek is favourite! Preferably prepared with a good amount of garlic, served with baked potatoes and a light salad. It is cooked for hours over a low heat, making the meat super tender and falling off the bone. l-ikla t-tajba, eat tasty!

pastizzi Malta

Puff pastry snack
Hungry for a snack? The most popular snack in Malta is a pastizz. This deliciously stuffed puff pastry cake is available at almost every corner of the street at a pastizzeria. There are both sweet and savoury variants of the pastizzi for sale. For example, filled with ricotta and spinach or would you rather opt for a filling of Maltese bacon with peas? It’s up to you!
Maltees bread with filling
Any more sense of snacking? Then taste the ftira. This typical Maltese snack is a kind of cross between a pizza and a bagel. A Maltese bread with a hole in the middle, richly filled with tomato, garlic, onion, tuna and olives. But there are many more fillings available: from chicken to goat cheese and potato slices. You can’t think of it that crazy.

Fish soup with garlic
On an island you eat fish, from swordfish to tuna and from octopus to sea bream: in Malta there is plenty of fish available. From the sea so fresh on your plate. Also taste the aljotta, a tasty fish soup with (yes) garlic! One of the best local specialties in Malta. Do you already see yourself sitting on a terrace in the cozy seaside town of St.Julians? With a fresh fish on your plate and sea views. Carefree holiday celebrations at Hotel Radisson Blu Resort Malta St. Julians. We also tip Dolmen Resort in Qawra, Hotel Seabank in Mellieha and the absolute topper: DB San Antonio Hotel & Spa. According to reviewer Hennie: ‘An excellent hotel where you are served at your beck and call.’

Sweet treats
Do you have a soft spot for sweets? Lucky you! In Malta they also love sweet snacks and desserts. For example, try the divine imqaret: a fried date cake. Or how about the kannoli? This is the Maltese version of the Sicilian cannoli. A rolled cookie filled with ricotta and dried fruit and nuts. Not to be despised!
Maltese cheese
Are you a cheese fanatic? Then you must not have tasted gbejduring your holiday in Malta. This special cheese from Gozo is made by hand and is pure in taste. The round cheese of sheep – or goat’s milk tastes excellent with a wine or in a salad. Also tasty: try the Maltese ravioli (ravjul), which is prepared with the cheese from Gozo, local tomatoes and a few cloves of fresh garlic.

Maltese wine
Of course, you rinse all that delicious food away with a delicious wine. Perhaps Malta is not really known as a wine island, yet delicious local wines are served. The native grape varieties gellewza and ghirghentina provide a distinct taste. Not only can you sample maltese wines in wine bars and restaurants, but many vineyards also organize tours and tastings. Saŋňa, cheers!





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