Firefox enables control browser via voice

For the first time, Mozilla has made it possible to control the Firefox browser through voice commands. For the time being, it’s going to be a test program.
Firefox browser users can now install the new Firefox Voice extension, allowing them to control the browser through voice commands.

On the one hand, Firefox Voice works as a smart assistant, with compact info maps from Wikipedia or Google showing the answer. On the other hand, voice control is an extension of the mouse and keyboard, so that the user can switch tab via speech, for example.
You can also ask to look up something on a particular page, such as tickets for a theater piece in Gmail. Furthermore, it is possible to turn on videos on YouTube or music on Spotify, or to read or translate a page. Mozilla has published a large list of all possible assignments.
Google Cloud Speech
For the time being, the plug-in only works in the browsers on PCs and laptops. Users must first click on the microphone icon, after which they pronounce the command.
The extension uses Google Cloud Speech to convert the audio to text. According to the Privacy Policy, the recordings or transcripts are not stored ‘except if we specifically submit a request for it and you agree to it’.
To experiment, users need to sign in and download special software. Of course it only works in the Firefox browser. This test period runs until the end of January. It will later be decided whether this will be rolled out to all users.


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