Day trip to Amsterdam? 10 special facts about the North/South line

Soon a day out in Amsterdam? Maybe you can use metro line 52: better known as the North/South line. Zoover has collected ten special facts about this infamous metro line in Amsterdam.

Heated escalators
Did you know that the escalators of the North/South line are heated? This is to prevent the escalators from becoming slippery if the temperature drops below freezing in winter. To prevent energy waste, the escalators are equipped with a thermostat.
Sixteen Eiffel Towers to steel
119,626,655 kilos of steel was used for the construction of the North/South line. No less than sixteen Eiffel Towers can be built from all that steel.

Not the first North/South line in the Netherlands
Do you think metro line 52 in Amsterdam is the first North/South line in the Netherlands? Then you’re wrong. The people of Rotterdam were earlier. The first Dutch metro line in Rotterdam was also called the North-South line when it opened in 1968.
The Big Friendly Giant
The metro that runs on the North/South line is also affectionately known internally as the Great Friendly Giant. The M5 has been nicknamed because it is the tallest metro in the world.

Secret swimming pool
Fancy a refreshing splash? At Rokin station, a ‘secret swimming pool’ (a so-called mountain sedimentation basin) has been built to absorb excess rainwater.
Longest escalators in the Benelux
Always wanted to be on the longest escalators in the Benelux? Then you have to go to station Vijzelgracht. At 47 meters it is slightly longer than the escalator to the Maastunnel in Rotterdam.


Higher ceiling at the Sixhaven
Under the Sixhaven port, the ceiling of the metro tunnel is level and fifty centimetres higher. And, of course, that’s not without reason. Space has been left available for the construction of the future Sixhaven station. It is not yet known when this station will be built.
Over 2.4 billion over budget
The construction of the North/South line has cost no less than 3.1 billion. This is more than 3,500 euros per Amsterdammer and 320 million euros per kilometre. A mere 2.4 billion above the budget, initially the cost was estimated at 681 million.

Archaeological finds
During the construction of the North/South line, one archaeological object after another was excavated: about 700,000 pieces. From a lower jaw of a crocodile and a unique bob bar with the coat of arms of Amsterdam to a stone hammer of approximately 4,600 years. The 10,000 most beautiful archaeological finds are exhibited in Rokin station. Nice to take a look during your weekend in Amsterdam. You can sleep well at Best Western Deplhi. Reviewer Nancy really thinks this is a recommendation: ‘The hotel is small-scale, personal and professional.’
4G connection
In an underground tunnel good range and mobile internet? In the metro tunnel between Amsterdam North and South it is! The entire Amsterdam North/South line is equipped with 4G. How nice is that? To do this, providers have installed 194 antennas and used 11.5 kilometres of cable to spread the mobile signal through the tunnel.

Finally, some figures
The North/South line is 9.7 kilometres long, of which 7.1 kilometres is underground.
The metro runs up to 70 kilometers per hour and the total ride takes fifteen minutes.
The subway runs ten times an hour in both directions.
On 22 April 2003, construction of the North/South line was started. More than fifteen years later, on 21 July 2018, the metro line was opened festively.
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