Corona update: In these countries, the virus occurs (plus which countries have taken the right measures)

COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease, broken out in 2019), better known as the Corona virus, is spreading further and further around it. Africa and South America are still real go-areas, Asia a no-go and Europe is not spared either.
It is remarkable that South America and Africa are spared from the Corona virus. Fortunately, because many countries in Africa are ill-prepared for a possible outbreak, which South America is not ready for either. In Europe, the virus has also penetrated, but – together with North America – we are able to absorb the virus extremely well. The Netherlands is third on the list of countries that are best prepared, close to the United States and Great Britain.
The travel advice for China has been tightened by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to orange: only necessary travel. The virus has also been officially established in neighbouring countries, but no travel restrictions are imposed there.


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