App-to-date: You need these free travel apps!

Before, during or after the trip: the right apps can enrich your trip. These free apps make your travel life a lot easier. Which one are you going to use?
For the forgetful packer
Name: PackPoint
Available: iOS and Android

You have to know when you want to make sure you don’t forget anything when packing. PackPoint helps to put together your packing list and is then a handy checklist.
For the structured traveller

Name: TripIt
Available: iOS and Android
When you want: your itinerary in a convenient overview. TripIt shows you what time your flight leaves, where to pick up the car, which hotel you booked in, what time the guide waits for you and so on.
For the language lump

Name: Drop
Available: iOS and Android
You have to when you: like to do your best to learn the local language. No less than 37 languages are programmed in the app. Don’t learn boring words, but interactively and playfully master the basics of a language.
For the good state of mind

Name: RainRain
Available: iOS and Android
You have to when you are: restless in your head. Can’t you handle the noise in the busy city bus? Suffering from knees in your backrest on the plane? Or do you want to overcome the jet lag? RainRain is the right sound to find your peace. The sound mixer offers thousands of possibilities, from a sea breeze to rain that ticks against the window.
For the public transport corridor

Name: Citymapper
Available: iOS and Android
You have to when you were: always looking for the foreign version of 9292. Citymapper has the public transport network in the app of 40 international cities. Best itinerary, times and prices will be cleared in one overview, so you can easily explore a city by public transport.
For the last-minute booker

Name: HotelTonight
Available: iOS and Android
You need to when you book your hotels at the last minute. Hotels would rather you sleep there for a reduced rate than keep the room empty that night. With HotelTonight you can make the most of this. Find the best deals with handy filters such as basic, luxurious, design or hip.
For the slow arithmetic

Name: XE Currency
Available: iOS and Android
You have to when you: have difficulty recounting currency quickly. In the heat of the bargaining battle, there is no room for error. With XE Currency you quickly convert the local currency to the euro, so you know exactly what you pay.


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