Anniversary edition Galaxy Note 10: innovation with traps and stand up

Within Samsung’s device range, the Noteline occupies the top position. With the quirky stylus pen and the top format screens, Samsung pushes the shape factor a little further forward.

If there’s one world where today’s heroes are the losers of tomorrow – and vice versa – then it’s the smartphones. The rise of Samsung is a good example of this. A little ten years ago, it was still a brand that wanted to copy the success of others. Samsung released carre loads of different devices in all shapes and sizes, with the public as guinea pigs. But since the Korean tech giant focused on the Galaxy line, it managed to conquer its own spot in the premium segment. The new Note 10 and Note 10+ are the latest evidence.

Resounding sales success
Especially thanks to the Galaxys, the position has shifted from follower to leader. And with the Galaxys, it’s been the Note since the first release in 2011 that set the tone. While the ‘ordinary’ Galaxy’s premium quality for the masses offer, Samsung has chosen the Note as the top model that is back to it. It is the device that is first equipped with the fastest chips, gets the largest battery and the largest screen. The Note is the boundary-shifter with which experimentation is experimented, aimed at the most demanding target group of especially business users who want to (and should) take everything out of their phones.
The first Note in 2011 was a fairly revolutionary device. Where other manufacturers still put the heels in the sand when it came to blowing up screen dimensions, the Note established the first commercial success in the so-called phablet territory with a 5.3-inch screen. Looking back, it’s hard to understand why there was so much resistance to larger displays. The first Note was at least a resounding sales success. More than 10 million devices were sold. What was then called phablet proved viable as its own category, and eventually became the new standard.
Beauty mistakes
In addition to the large screen and the powerful battery (over which more later) the stylus is the distinctive element of the Note line. The S-Pen is a small, extendable pen hidden in a corner of the straight body. The pen can take notes on the screen, play games, and apps are operated. The pen is more than an alternative to the index finger. Anyone who hovers with the tip above the screen will see that the screen responds to it. Because of the spacious screen, two applications fit side by side. The pen facilitates its use, which underlines Note’s role as a productivity pusher.
The fact that stretching the boundaries sometimes comes back like a boomerang was evident during the debacle with the Note 7. This device, which was withdrawn for appearance in the Netherlands and thus never ended up in the hands of the Dutch consumer, has become notorious by batterygate. Due to a production error, the batteries of the phone could ignite and even explode. With a generous recall and a mea culpa towards the customers, Samsung closed the rumoured saga. Remarkably, many tech media at the time of batterygate predicted that Samsung would never overcome the reputational damage. But the general public turned out to be more forgiving. Apparently, the ambition to innovate is more appreciated than the possible beauty flaws that come with it.
No notch
Anyone who sees the evolution from the first Note to date can only be impressed. From a rough, blocky device, the Note has become a super slim device with the look of a silent limousine over the asphalt. The new Note 10 tries to be the best at everything. The ratio between screen and edges is the most favorable of all Galaxys so far. In the middle of the screen is a round recess for the selfie camera (so: no notch!). The battery is a powerhouse who reportedly lasts more than a day and a half. A fingerprint scanner has been processed under the screen.
Innovative features like the zoom-in mic, amplify the sound of the object zoomed in. Also good news for people with a slash career (where one performs different disciplines side by side like, for example, coach/vlogger): for editing video and the editing suite Easy Video Editing is available. Thanks to Air Action, that camera is controlled by a distance with the S-Pen. In addition to the Note, the Note 10 plus, analogous to the S series, also comes with an extra-large version with a 6.8-inch screen.
Productivity sample
The smart productivity solutions show that the new Note 10 is strongly focused on an audience that demands a lot of requirements on performance and production. For example, the intelligent S-Pen offers the ability to convert written notes directly into text. The Screen Write feature allows you to quickly select, cut out and have a note. Also useful for continuity is the Dex Live, a possibility to connect the phone to a display, keyboard and mouse and use as a PC. Windows Link Live connects the Galaxy Note 10 and PC. For example, the Note 10 is not only a luxury horse, but also – and above all – a workhorse.


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