6 Reasons why you want to go to bed early tonight

Act like a ‘granny’ and go to bed at 9:00 p.m. Because more sleep improves health. Below are six reasons to convince you. If that’s necessary at all.

1. You make better decisions
In crisis situations you can no longer think carefully and then make a quick decision very complicated. Research by Washington State University shows that the brain can no longer handle information properly due to low sleep, so you can’t make quick decisions.

2. You eat less
Little sleep not only makes you cranky, it also makes you more hungry. According to research by Journal of Healthy Psychology, the hormone that controls appetite gets confused with little sleep, causing your body to whine about food.
3. You’re more emotionally stable
Low sleep can affect the way you deal with stressful situations. But it can also make you worry about potty things.
4. You stay fit
Thirty minutes less sleep per night can make you arrive faster and your metabolism stagnates. We don’t want to.
5. You get a nicer skin
Yes, you can also get dry skin from little sleep. So, action plan: drinking a lot of water and going to bed on time. Both very budget-friendly beauty tricks for radiant skin.
6. You postpone dementia
We know, being demented is still miles away from your bed, but still not an insignificant subject. According to the University of California Berkley, poor sleep rituals can play a role in developing Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.


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